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“HIROPPA” is a private park created by Maruhiro in 2021. It was born from the desire that the ceramic production company Maruhiro wants to provide a place where the local children who grew up in a ceramic production area could laugh, play and become interested in the crafts made in Hasami town, which is called “Hasami-yaki” in Japanese, in their future. This lush green park is designed with terrain instead of installing standard playground equipment. It is a place filled with Maruhiro’s fun gimmick and art, and there is Maruhiro flagship store with coffee stand so visitors can also enjoy having a coffee break and shopping here. The site area of HIROPPA is approximately 4,000 square meters, and the lawn is spreading out wide so children can have a blast running around in this park. Additionally, various kinds of trees and plants such as zelkova, cherry blossoms, maples, kiwis, apples peaches and walnuts, that can be enjoyed throughout the year, are planted in this park. The playground, which is fused with the landscape, is designed so that children can freely decide how to play with their own imagination. There are sculptures and murals designed by domestic and overseas artists that Maruhiro has connected through Hasami-yaki projects. The barrier-free passages are also available, so we hope that visitors with strollers or wheelchairs can have a fun here in HIROPPA.


Business hours10:00-18:00
Closing dayNo regular holiday
Admission feeFree
Parking68cars(priority car2cars、EV charging station2cars、Motorcoach2cars)
Parking feeFree
Address682 Yumutago Hasami-cho,
Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki-ken 859-3702
Telephone number0956-37-8666



MultiPurpose Space


We renovated the Japanese-style house which is built with Japanese traditional construction methods in 1932, by utilizing the current condition of building as much as possible, but also by boldly getting rid of some parts of floors, we have created new “functions” and “values” for it. We are regularly holding exhibitions, popup store and events at OUCHI and we are utilizing the second floor as artist-in-residence. You will be able to stay and concentrate on creative activities here.


Business hoursVaries depending on the event.
Closing dayNo regular holiday
Admission feeVaries depending on the event.
Address682 Yumutago Hasami-cho,
Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki-ken 859-3702
Telephone number0956-37-8666
UseEvent Space / Artist in Residence
Meeting Space / President’s Office / Chairman’s Office / Working Space
※Open only during the event.



Head Office

KOUBA is Maruhiro’s warehouse where all operations from planning to shipping are carried out. It consists of the functional and rational architectural design, and it is dynamically devised so that it can also be used as the event space occasionally. It applies the corrugated slate construction method that can be seen in Japanese classic technoscape. The neat slate-covered


Address704 Yumutago Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki-ken 859-3702
Telephone number0956-37-6452
UseHead office/cockpit (inspection, shipping, workshop)
Planning Office / Event Space
※Open only during the event.

What’s Hasamiyaki?

Hasami-yaki is the traditional crafts that has been inherited for over 400 years in Japan.

It is produced in Hasami town which is located in Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami town is one of the largest ceramic production areas and approximately 30% of the population in this town are involved in ceramic-related work. Since ceramic products were very expensive in the Edo era (1603-1867), Hasami town succeeded in mass-production them and those became popular throughout the country as common tableware for general public. Hasami town has a history of emphasizing the production efficiency under the specialized “division of labor system” in which the craftsmen are divided for each production process, such as clay manufacturers, mold factories, bisque ware producers, and pottery. The name Hasami-yaki came to be known relatively recently, because it has been distributed as a part of Arita-yaki in the past. Arita is the famous ceramic production area located in Saga Prefecture and it is just next to Hasami town. Unlike other Japanese ceramic production areas, Hasami-yaki does not have a traditional style that can express its own uniqueness, so there are various designs and different kind of material are used flexibly. Such variety and flexibility are surely the most notable character of Hasami-yaki. Even now, 20% of the daily tableware in Japan is produced in Hasami town, and Hasami town continues to create products that meet the needs of the times.


Maruhiro Inc.is a company that develops and distributes ceramic household goods such as tableware and interiors called “Hasami-yaki”.

Maruhiro is a “ceramic manufacturer” that does not have its own factory. Hasami-yaki is produced by the specialized “division of labor system” in which the craftsmen are divided for each production process, and Maruhiro plays a role as a bridge between these craftsmen. Maruhiro requests the craftsmen in each process to produce products with its own designs. Then Maruhiro distributes those finished products to both Japanese and overseas markets as a “trading company”. Hasami-yaki, which starts with digging pottery stone from the mountain, then involves many people until it becomes a product, has been inherited for over 400 years. We Maruhiro always want to be a joyful company with Hasami-yaki so that we will be able to sustain this wonderful production area into the future.


Name: Maruhiro Inc.
President: Mikiya BABA
Incorporated: October 4, 1989
Capital: 10 million yen
255 Isekigo, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3711 Japan
Business & Shipping Address:
775-7 Toyaotsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0014 Japan
Domestic: 0955-42-2777
International: +81-955-42-2777

Product planning and development, wholesale, and retail of ceramics
Production of original merchandise