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OPEN 10:00〜18:00 [No regular holiday]

“HIROPPA” is a private park created by Maruhiro in 2021. It was born from the desire that the ceramic production company Maruhiro wants to provide a place where the local children who grew up in a ceramic production area could laugh, play and become interested in the crafts made in Hasami town, which is called “Hasami-yaki” in Japanese, in their future. This lush green park is designed with terrain instead of installing standard playground equipment. It is a place filled with Maruhiro’s fun gimmick and art, and there is Maruhiro flagship store with coffee stand so visitors can also enjoy having a coffee break and shopping here. The site area of HIROPPA is approximately 4,000 square meters, and the lawn is spreading out wide so children can have a blast running around in this park. Additionally, various kinds of trees and plants such as zelkova, cherry blossoms, maples, kiwis, apples peaches and walnuts, that can be enjoyed throughout the year, are planted in this park.
The playground, which is fused with the landscape, is designed so that children can freely decide how to play with their own imagination. There are sculptures and murals designed by domestic and overseas artists that Maruhiro has connected through Hasami-yaki projects.
The barrier-free passages are also available, so we hope that visitors with strollers or wheelchairs can have a fun here in HIROPPA.








Pets are allowed in HIROPA MARUHIRO STORE. Please read the precautions carefully and follow the rules.

Cautions when using the store
・Pets must be carried inside the store.
・Please do not leave your pets unattended and unleashed.
・Please do not leave your pets unattended on a leash. Please keep an eye on your pets and be aware of your surroundings, as unexpected things can happen, such as touching pets, yelling, or balls and toys flying around.
・When pets encounter each other, please pay attention to the situation and keep your pets at a safe distance if necessary.
・Please do not walk more than two strong dogs at a time.
・Do not allow pets to defecate in the park. If your dog urinates in the park, please rinse it off with water and be sure to take the feces home with you.
・Please do not brush your pets in the park.
・Owners are responsible for any problems caused by their pets with other visitors.

Park Rule


Prohibited items
●Causing trouble to others
●Bringing in trash or littering
●Damaging facilities
●Damaging trees
●Smoking in areas other than the smoking area
●Walking dogs without manners
●Riding in cars
●Using fire or playing with fire (*)
●Skateboarding (*)
●Dangerous ball playing (*)
Items marked with * will be changed to permitted use depending on the time and day.

Facility information