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Facility informationHIROPPA

OPEN 10:00〜18:00 [No regular holiday]

“HIROPPA” is a private park created by Maruhiro in 2021. It was born from the desire that the ceramic production company Maruhiro wants to provide a place where the local children who grew up in a ceramic production area could laugh, play and become interested in the crafts made in Hasami town, which is called “Hasami-yaki” in Japanese, in their future. This lush green park is designed with terrain instead of installing standard playground equipment. It is a place filled with Maruhiro’s fun gimmick and art, and there is Maruhiro flagship store with coffee stand so visitors can also enjoy having a coffee break and shopping here. The site area of HIROPPA is approximately 4,000 square meters, and the lawn is spreading out wide so children can have a blast running around in this park. Additionally, various kinds of trees and plants such as zelkova, cherry blossoms, maples, kiwis, apples peaches and walnuts, that can be enjoyed throughout the year, are planted in this park.
The playground, which is fused with the landscape, is designed so that children can freely decide how to play with their own imagination. There are sculptures and murals designed by domestic and overseas artists that Maruhiro has connected through Hasami-yaki projects.
The barrier-free passages are also available, so we hope that visitors with strollers or wheelchairs can have a fun here in HIROPPA.


HIROPPA is a park that has both elements of an “open field” where you can decide how to play with your own ideas and a “theme park” where the way to enjoy is already decided. Lawns are planted all over the site, therefore children do not get hurt when they fall over. The ground is designed with gentle unevenness, so that the terrain itself becomes a playground. In addition, the geometric and primitive buildings or objects that can be used as playground equipment or resting places are particularly not given determinate functionality, thus, there is a margin in how to use it, and that means people will be able to use it freely.


Throughout the HIROPPA, there are many artworks, such as the park logo and the clay figurines at the entrance, objects, original products, the parking lot marks for priority cars and bicycle, murals, promotion video of park, and more, are scattered by artists active in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, a monthly playlist of music selected by artists is played in the park, and you can purchase products that have collaborated between various artists and Maruhiro, and curated household goods at MARUHIRO STORE. We will continue to create this place with artists of various genres according to our belief that children will feel closer to art and culture in their daily lives.


At MARUHIRO STORE, it is focused on its original brands, such as HASAMI and BARBAR, so the full line-up of those products is displayed and available for sale, and you can also attain the limited editions products of HIROPPA, a wide variety of artworks, and household goods curated from Japan and overseas here. There is KIOSK POOP annexed to MARUHIRO STORE, and you can get sweets, drinks, and toys that you can play in the park.


Drinks and sweets at the coffee stand OPEN-END can be taken out, so you can take it to your favorite place in the building or park and have a relaxing time. The food truck is also coming regularly. Furthermore, lunch boxes, sandwiches, and baked sweets will be sold randomly by EN, the food & beverage business department operated by Maruhiro. You can check the schedules or details of food trucks and EN’s foods with the Instagram of HIROPPA.


Many flowers are blooming and fruits or nuts are growing all year long, so you can always admire the scenery that changes with the seasons at HIROPPA. There are many types of trees, such as zelkova which is the symbol tree of HIROPPA, several types of cherry blossoms with different blooming period, and maple, then total over 80 kinds of trees, plants, herbs, fruits, and flowers are here in the park and building.
The paving stones that connect the park and the building, and the pergola with kiwi trees gradually harmonize outside and inside.
We hope you will enjoy the cycle of the seasons at HIROPPA.


A barrier-free promenade surrounds the park centering around the large zelkova tree, so that visitors can go around with a wheelchair or stroller. There are no steps between the parking lot, the building, the restrooms and the park, and by alleviating the stress of moving, HIROPPA aims to create a place and environment where people with babies and people with physical disabilities can use each facility as comfortably as possible.
There are two priority parking spaces near the entrance of building, and facilities such as multipurpose restroom, ostomate-equipped restroom, and diaper changing tables are available.


Pets are allowed at the HIROPPA and MARUHIRO STORE, but kindly read the rules carefully as written below and follow it please.

Precautions For Pets
・Be sure to hold your pet in your arms when you enter the store.
・Do not leave your pet unleashed anywhere in the park.
・A lot of small kids will visit the park. Unexpected things may happen with kids, such as touching your pet, doing a lot of yelling, and balls or toys might fly around, so keep an eye on your pet and also be aware of your surroundings.
・When pets encounter each other, be aware of the situation and keep the distance safely if necessary.
・Do not walk two or more strong dogs at the same time.
・Do not allow pets to excrete in the park as much as possible. If your pet urinates in the park, rinse it thoroughly with water, and be sure to take the feces home with you.
・Do not brush your pet in the park.
・It should be noted that the owner will be responsible for any trouble caused by their pets with other visitors.

Park Rule


Prohibited items
●Causing trouble to others
●Bringing in trash or littering
●Damaging facilities
●Damaging trees
●Smoking in areas other than the smoking area
●Walking dogs without manners
●Riding in cars
●Using fire or playing with fire (*)
●Skateboarding (*)
●Dangerous ball playing (*)
Items marked with * will be changed to permitted use depending on the time and day.

Facility information